Walker for Congress:

2606 Charleston Ave. Mattoon, Illinois 61938

Email: walkerforcongress@aol.com

Phone: 217-246-5236




  • I am Pro-Life. I believe we should do everything to protect unborn children. I am completely against tax funding for abortion.


  • I oppose single-payer healthcare systems

  • I support expanding Health Savings accounts 

  • I support transparency in pricing and outcomes 

  • I support low-cost short term insurance plans and primary care membership plans



  • I oppose comprehensive immigration legislation.

  • I support a border security bill that includes funding for the wall.

  • I oppose "catch and release" and birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens. 

  • I support a legal immigration Reform bill that replaces the family-based to a merit-based immigration system. That ends chain migration, ends the "lottery" program, and per country immigration gaps. 


  •  I support a balanced budget. 

  • I support Current taxation rates and regulatory relief to small businesses. 


  • I support voucher programs for children in failed public schools and believe in expanding charter schools. 

  • Instead of bailouts, we need real reforms.

Second Amendment:

  • I will do everything to defend your Second Amendment right. As of now, this right is currently under assault. 


Term Limits:

  • I fully support and will advocate for Term Limits. As your next congressman, I promise to only serve no more than 3 terms.